What is The Part Time Investor?

Part time investing is something I spend 20 hours a week or less actively doing in my spare time. I work full time in the United States Marine Corps as an analyst and started turning a hobby into something a little more serious.

As a part time investor I enjoy watching Bloomberg News or CNBC in the morning before work. Once or twice a day I open my Yahoo Finance App for some quick market updates and scan my linked portfolio. In the evening I’ll read a couple of articles typically related to investing and finance. I then spend 30 minutes a night before bed reading a book with finance topics in the rotation.

I now have a few different brokerage accounts open. Including my 401k there are 3 accounts that are passively invested. I have one brokerage account where I buy and sell value stocks but that happens as required, not daily.

So fundamentally what is The Part Time Investor? It is educating myself and others on the market, investing strategies, and learning about new financial tools.


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