Maxing Out 401k and IRA Contributions 2019

Analysis of maxing out 401k and IRA contributions for 2019. Have you ever wondered what it would look like to max out your 401k and/or IRA contributions every month? After scaring myself that I wasn't taking full advantage of my max retirement savings potential I did a quick analysis of what a maxed out monthly... Continue Reading →

Buying U.S. Treasury Bonds Part 1

Are you considering buying U.S. Treasury bonds to safely invest some of your money? At The Part Time Investor I am going through the process myself. I would like to start setting aside some cash in Series I savings bonds to help protect against inflation, make a small guaranteed return backed by the federal government,... Continue Reading →

General Electric Spooktacular

Is it safe to invest in General Electric (GE)? Unfortunately at the Part Time Investor GE no longer meets my Value Investing strategy or Dogs of the Dow strategy. It was recently announced that GE is slashing their dividend to $0.01 per share and are restructuring their Power Division into two units. This is after... Continue Reading →

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