Buying U.S. Treasury Bonds Part 1

Are you considering buying U.S. Treasury bonds to safely invest some of your money? At The Part Time Investor I am going through the process myself. I would like to start setting aside some cash in Series I savings bonds to help protect against inflation, make a small guaranteed return backed by the federal government, and diversify my portfolio.

The process started a few months ago by setting up my Treasury Direct account. First I created an account, educated myself on the different types of bonds, enrolled in payroll savings, then set up my monthly allotment.

Then I failed.

I have taught myself to build websites, trade on multiple fintech  platforms, and code web apps utilizing Python. But I could not figure out how to properly use Treasury Direct to purchase U.S. Treasury bonds.

Here are a few of my issues:

  • The website is not user friendly lacking clearly defined navigation menus with a complicated login process that deters me from wanting to use it.
  • Do not hit “back” in your browser once logged in, you will be logged out and have to re-navigate to where you left off.
  • After figuring out a really bizarre payroll allotment configuration my money still did not get deposited despite my employer verifying it was indeed getting sent electronically to the Treasury. After 2 months of allotments they started getting returned.

After some reflection I feel confident the the U.S. Treasury does not serve all U.S. citizens as using their website is the only way to purchase Series EE and I savings bonds. You can no longer go to your bank and purchase these types of bonds. Not only do you have to be computer savvy you have to have free time and a lot of patience.

I have reached out to customer support but it appears the current government shutdown will be hampering any more progress in the near future. Updates to come if/when I get the ball rolling again.

2 thoughts on “Buying U.S. Treasury Bonds Part 1

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  1. Thanks for posting. I really need to improve on my bond investing game and knowledge. It’s one of my weakest areas of investing for sure. I’ll be looking forward to your update so that I can learn and improve.


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