M1 Finance FANG Stocks

Have you ever wanted to own Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, or Google (FANG stocks) but the price point kept you out? Initially I too was priced out until I started to understand M1 Finance’s investing platform a little better and realized fractional share investing was the way to go. About a month ago I started investing in a Dogs of the Dow Strategy utilizing M1. After watching my weekly contributions get distributed among the slices of my pie I was ready to start another.

FANG(Notice I only invested $100 and I now own a piece of all 5 companies.)

With M1 I set my new FANG pie to include Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google, and threw in Apple as well.

Until now I have stayed out of growth stocks. What changed my mind was riding the bus to work the other day and watching the all of the Marines either an Android (Google) or iOS (Apple) device streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube (owned by Google); or swiping through Facebook or Instagram (owned by Facebook). That’s when the light bulb turned on. If a bunch of 18-25 year old Marines are consuming these products from Kuwait then a crushing percentage of the U.S. population is doing the same.

Below is a referral code if you are interested in using my pie and want a mutual monetary boost from M1 Finance:


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