Military Financial Tips #5 Discounts

One of the most overlooked military benefits are the discounts you can receive on everyday items. My wife and I try to go to NAS North Island every Sunday to get gas, groceries, and hit the Exchange for tax free shopping of general home goods. The Exchange is where was also do most of our holiday and birthday present shopping.

These saving add up to hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a year.

On base savings:

  • The base Exchange retails most clothing and certain products under MSRP. Everything is tax free.
  • The Commissary provides groceries at low prices and is also tax free.
  • Coupons are also accepted at the Commissary and Exchange for further savings.
  • Gas stations match lowest price per gallon in the surrounding area.
  • Discounts (sometimes free) to travel and events like concerts, theme parks, and sporting events.

Places to look for discounts off base:

  • GovX Please look at this website if you are on active duty!
  • Most major cell phone plans.
  • Brick and mortar retail stores, you usually just need to ask.
  • Lowered insurance premiums from financial institutions like USAA and Navy Federal Credit Union.

Always remember, it never hurts to ask.

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