Military Financial Tips #6 My VA Home Loan Buying Experience

Have you considered a VA Home Loan for buying your next home? At The Part Time Investor I believe home ownership is a key ingredient to building wealth. Owning a home outright is one of my goals to financial independence. After 8 years of paying rent I realized my money, or should I say my... Continue Reading →


Managing Multiple Trading Platforms

I was recently asked how I validate investing on multiple platforms. I currently use Acorns, Robinhood, and M1 Finance as my online brokerages of choice. To answer that I need to provide a quick breakdown of the three: Acorns has a brokerage fee of $1 a month that allows unlimited transactions. It takes the spare... Continue Reading →

M1 Finance FANG Stocks

Have you ever wanted to own Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, or Google (FANG stocks) but the price point kept you out? Initially I too was priced out until I started to understand M1 Finance's investing platform a little better and realized fractional share investing was the way to go. About a month ago I started investing... Continue Reading →

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