Free Tools For Screening Stocks

As a part time investor I try to keep my expenses low. I currently trade on three platforms; Acorns, Robinhood, and M1 Finance. My total cost? $1 a month.

Free screening tools:

Yahoo Finance is my go to screener. It has free charts, news, fundamentals, financials, and analysis. As a value investor this pretty much a one stop shop on what I need to know. Additionally I linked my Robinhood account to my Yahoo Finance portfolio and get streaming updates and the ability to trade from within Yahoo’s platform.

Another tool I have been using is Trading View. Trading View is a browser enabled charting tool. It’s free to use and features real time quotes and up to 5 indicator overlays. You can pay to upgrade for more tools but I definitely suggest using the free version to begin, the ads are not out of control.

Finally is sinkorswim by TD Ameritrade. Technically it is not free but you just need to have an open account with TDAmeritrade to access sinkorswim. I have not used it yet but I do know if I ever get into day trading it is something I will definitely try. Sinkorswim has a reputation for being one of the top stock screeners available for traders. As a note if you trade on sinkorswim you will incur commission fees from TDAmeritrade.

Feel free to comment below on your trading tools and methods!

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