Financial Podcasts

I wanted to make a short post today and list some of the podcasts I listen to. There are a couple I’ve been listening to daily/weekly for awhile now, and others are mostly saved for road trips/flights. The names of the podcasts are right out of my iTunes podcast library and most can be found on Spotify. Below is a quick rundown with a short description:

  • Planet Money by NPR takes current events in the economy and gives a great narrative with excellent field research.
  • Zacks Market Edge with Tracey Ryniec is a straight up stock investing podcast. There’s the standard podcast covering different topics every episode and the Value Investor Podcast which is my favorite. The best thing about the podcast is Ms. Ryniec gives out Zacks research that typically has to be paid for.
  • How I Built This with Guy Raz is a great podcast if you are interested in starting a business along with the struggles and rewards of entrepreneurship. Famous brands are typically covered.
  • Masters in Business by Barry Ritholtz is about a 45 minute podcast. Mr. Ritholtz interviews major players in the financial world covering investors, authors, and business owners.
  • Up First is my daily news feed. It takes about ten minutes and gets me to work in the morning.

I wish I had time for more but I balance my free airtime with audiobooks as well. Please comment below on your favorite podcast!

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